Big Data

content editing

Behind the scenes: The world of live content editing

Live content editing holds immense significance in the realm of media and communication. It allows for instant updates and revisions to be made, ensuring that the most up-to-date information reaches the audience. This is particularly crucial in news broadcasting, where…

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What can Business Intelligence do for your company?

In fact, business intelligence, also known as decision support, is the set of methods and tools that aim to provide relevant information to business managers. It allows companies to collect data from internal systems as well as from external sources….

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How can Big Data improve your sales performance ?

It is no longer news that Big Data has become essential for optimising productivity and business activity. In full effervescence, Big Data has a major impact on the performance of a company. Would you like to use Big Data to…

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5 tips for creating an interactive dashboard

In general, the monitoring of various activities is most often associated with the location of an interactive dashboard. Indeed, the latter is an excellent means to further strengthen the various key indicators and their trends. However, for its efficient and…

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