5 tips for creating an interactive dashboard

In general, the monitoring of various activities is most often associated with the location of an interactive dashboard. Indeed, the latter is an excellent means to further strengthen the various key indicators and their trends. However, for its efficient and simple use, creating a tool that is understood and accepted has become a must. Nevertheless, many people are not aware of its usefulness and functioning. For this reason, learning about tips for creating an interactive dashboard can be really practical and wise.

Determine the purpose of the dashboard

Before any kind of implementation, it is necessary to determine the various requirements for the dashboard beforehand. After all, it is also essential to know the purpose and the many related processes. The main aim is to be able to identify the various requirements, but also to be able to define the boundaries as well as possible. To do this, it is strongly recommended that you draw up clear notes that can be understood by the users. However, you should also consider all possible questions and problems of the users. For more information and details on the subject, you can also consult the integrated analysis at Toucan Toco website.

Establish a mock-up

For the creation of your interactive dashboard, a mock-up is essential. To do this, you simply need to take a pen and a sheet of paper, on which you will draw the model of your dashboard. You also need to determine the location of the graphs, the key values presented, the choice buttons and so on. In addition, interactive dashboards also provide an answer and overview of various specific questions and issues. So, you also need to make sure that problems are solved properly, but without implementing complex features.

Identify data sources

Identifying the various data sources, while creating numerous Excel sheets, is an important step in creating your interactive dashboard. Querying your many stakeholders will provide you with important data. However, you also need to list the various data sources needed. However, in cases where there are several sources, you can decide how many sheets you want to use. Nevertheless, you should always ensure that these are related to their type and frequency throughout the update of any interdependencies.

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