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How do you retain customers?

Are you looking for ways your business can improve customer retention? Then this guide is for you. Acquiring new customers takes a lot of effort, and the last thing a company wishes is to lose them. Furthermore, retaining existing customers…

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The Five Basic Elements Of Web Design

The basic elements and principles involved in web design are true for all other types of design. These principles will show you the most effective way to put together the various design elements to come up with a good and effective site. A good web design company…

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Web Design: The Simple Complexities

“There’s a better way to do it. Find it.” – Thomas Edison There may be joy in web design, but often the joy rings hollow when there are multiple steps to create something that may not even work. Certainly there are…

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Print Design vs Web Design – Part 1

There are a number of web designers who come up with print backgrounds for the sites that they make. These are most likely those who used to be print designers before joining the web design company they are part of…

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Print Design vs Web Design – Part 2

One of the costliest mistakes companies make when creating their web sites is hiring graphic designers who specialise in print design. Many print designers believe that if they can learn HTML, they can easily transfer their “vision” from the printed page to a…

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